Bronx Casket Co.

The Bronx Casket Co.

DD Verni – Vocals, Bass
Jack Frost – Guitars
Charlie Calv – Keyboards
Rob Pallotta-Drums

The Bronx Casket Co. was originally formed in 1998 by Overkill co-founder and bassist DD Verni. Having played in one of the most respected thrash bands ever for over 2 decades, why have another band? Two reason states DD, “the challenge of writing interesting new material….and for fun of course!” While many artist do side projects that are just another version of their main band, Bronx Casket is completely different than his main band Overkill. Tuned down guitars and Type O –ish keys with Black Sabbath style riffing abound. After making their initial demo the band was quickly signed by Massacre records. Their first release, simply titled The Bronx Casket Co., was met with great reviews and a strong cult following was to follow. Songs like “Who Lives Forever” and “No Miracles” quickly let the world know what the band is, a blend of Metal and Goth, with melodies that are instantly memorable. The band was made up of guitarist Jack Frost (Savatage,Seven Witches) vocalist Myke Hideous (aka Spy, The Empire Hideous, Misfits) Charlie Calv keyboards and Overkill drummer Tim Mallare. The first record was recorded at the legendary Carriage House Studios (Pantera,Overkill,Fates Warning) with several songs mixed by Alex Perialas best known as producer for Anthrax,SOD ,Testament, Overkill.

2001 saw the release of The BCC second full length CD, Sweet Home Transylvania, which was met with the same great enthusiasm. As promised by Verni, each Bronx Casket record would take the band in different directions, rather that follow along the same road as its predecessor. Although the band had never played a live show, fan interest continued to grow with songs like “Jesus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”, “The Other Me” and “Black Valentine”.
Two songs from this release were also included in the slasher/horror film Murder, Set, Pieces, directed by Nick Palumbo of Frightflix Productions.
The strength of the songs on the bands second release caught the ear of playwright Andrea Lepcio. Soon after Verni and Lepcio were collaborating with 3-time Tony Winner Hinton Battle to direct and choreograph, and the seeds of The Bronx Casket Co… A New Musical were planted. Verni quickly recruited several members from the Trans Siberian Orchestra to perform the show’s music and, likewise, the cast consisted of performers from Broadway shows Hairspray, Rent and Dance of the Vampire. There have been several performances off-Broadway for producers/backers and the show is still in the writing stages. It has a gothic/Broadway score with a twisted, vampiric love story woven throughout. Songs from the first two Bronx Casket Co. releases are included in the show, as well as 13 new songs DD penned just for the musical.

2005 marked the release of Hellectric, clearly the strongest material from the band to date. Hellectric was a blend of the more “doom” sound of the first release with the more “metal” sound of the second. Songs like “Little Dead Girl” and “Sherimoon” are instantly catchy, while others like ”Bleed With Me” and “Can’t Stop The Rain” show the band using more orchestral arrangements and finesse. Hellectric also marked the first video from the band. Directed by Lee Lanier at Beezubugbit Studios in Las Vegas, “Little Dead Girl” is an animated masterpiece in the vein of Tim Burton’s immortal The Nightmare Before Christmas. After 3 records Hellectric also marked the first live shows for the band. While touring was limitited the experience of doing the shows led the band to part ways with vocalist Spy. Rob Pollatta replaced Tim Mallare on drums and DD Verni switched over to handle all the vocal duties.

It’s been 5 years since The Bronx Casket Co last release and well worth the wait. As with every Bronx Casket Co release Verni has charted new territory, and stretched his writing boundaries. On their 2011 release “Antihero” the band has come full circle and delivered their heaviest CD yet! States DD “with me doing all the vocals now, it just seemed natural for the songs be heavier”. Produced and engineered by Verni at his New Jersey-based Gear Recording Studio it is an amazing sonic record. Lyrically Verni touches on everything from his thoughts on religion in “Holy Mother”, to his love of his hometown in” NYC”, to the twisted tale of a witch woman who steals souls in “Sally”. Longtime friend and guitarist Michael Romeo (from Prog-rockers Symphony X) provides all the shredding solos for the record. “ Mike absolutely killed it on this album!!”… states Verni. The new album also shows some industrial edge with Bill Sarver (who does programming for Riggs of Rob Zombie fame) providing programming on several songs. The mix by producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat,Destruction) is perfect. The guitars and drums are huge, while never taking away from the vocal melodies. Songs like the title track “Antihero” and “Bonesaw” show the band pounding away, while others like “You Look Like Hell” and “I Never Loved You Anyway” show the industrial side of the band. And not to be overlooked are the covers of the Queen classic “Death On Two Legs” and an over the top version of the Sinatra song “My Way”.
Can a band that has released four full length records really be considered a project anymore? “No” says Verni, I think after four records we can finally call it a band.
Touring is expected for both Europe and America.