Electronic dance music popularly known as EDM or electronic music has witnessed huge popularity in the last century as it is the time when there has been a rise of many singers who used this form of music for the entertainment of the masses. When we discuss electronic music the common questions that pop up are how to make electronic music? Who is the best in the field? What is the reason for the popularity? and a lot of other questions. The changing time, the music is also changing very fast as there has been a trend where people switch their favorite so many times that it is difficult to decide which was the best electronic music of all time. The invention of this form of music was after the use of the drum machine that was used for creating these amazing music beats. There are different genres of music that are still popular even today and the popularity of electronic music is based on different factors which include awesomeness, timelessness, influence, trend-setting, and use of technology.

The best electronic music of all time is

Sasha and John Digweed,

Northern exposure

The music by Sasha and John Digweed are considered as one of the most iconic EDM of all times as these English icons have worked together and also separately for creating world-class music and soul-stirring songs. The song like “ out of body experience and Raincry is an excellent example that tells you the kind of music that was popular at that time and it is a part number that is even relevant in the present times.

Fat boy slim

You’ve come a long way baby- this electronic music was released in the year 1998 and it was successful in taking the dance music to different corners of the pop marketplace of America. This is the reason why this pop singer gained even more popularity with the release of his second album where he becomes the iconic pop star of that time. There are many other songs that contributed to his success and some were the chartbusters of that time which made electronic music the life and soul of any party or get-togethers.

Harder, better, faster, stronger by Daft Punk

If you are looking for the best electronic music of all time, then you can never miss this song that has been prominent in its time. The reason for the popularity of this song is due to its great sounding beats and digitalized vocals that combined together to create a piece of amazing music that left everyone spellbound. This song is a classic that is played in parties, sporting events and has also been remixed many times for creating more masterpieces. This masterpiece by Daft Punk has been successful in revolutionizing the electronic dance music due to its contagious bass line and addictive music beats.

Spectrum by Zedd

It is electronic music that will remind you of best Mozart because it is perfect in every manner and it pays attention to every minute details which has stunning chords that allow listeners to flow with the music. The personal style of the singer is reflected in this song and it is surely amazing electronic music that gives you punches in different shots.