Abigail Williams

Their album is due out in 2017 and they are receiving criticism from some people but the band is kissing the sky with their awesome albums. In 2015, the Accuser was one of best hits and has set a remarkably promising stage for Abigail Williams.

A Perfect Circle

They have announced the tour dates recently and they are also compiling the new material sooner and people are desperately waiting for the new albums. It is not sure yet that the band will be announcing a full-length release because they don’t talk to the press much.


Their new Album is expected in the mid of 2017 and they have grown as the heavy death metal band. They have secured high rank among the top modern technical bands. The uniqueness of the band is that they drop something new every year and people get crazy about this.


They are one of the favorite bands of last decade. People wait for their new album desperately because the mystery in releases is remarkable. No doubt that they tend to shroud the top musicians.


They are so good at their work that you can’t pass on their performance. People love to document their passion for this band and tons of stuff gets shared on the social media every day.


Satanist is in the top records of heavy metal in last decade and everyone is thrilled to hear how Nergal and the co-boys plan to demolish it in their newest record. This band is going to release the new album at the end of 2017 because they are writing and recording nowadays.

Body Count

“Manslaughter” was the masterstroke of Body Count in 2014 and they are planning to hit with a new ripper in 2017. This is the kind of band the world needs the hard political times. Their fans are anxiously waiting for the new album which is expected at the end of 2017 though they released one in March.

Blood Command

Funeral Beach was one of their best hits and it hooked the people with their band. They are active on social media and their new album is expected sooner as they are promising it in 2017.