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Best Electronic Music Of All Time That You Need To Know

Electronic dance music popularly known as EDM or electronic music has witnessed huge popularity in the last century as it is the time when there has been a rise of many singers who used this form of music for the entertainment of the masses. When we discuss electronic music the common questions that pop up are how to make electronic music? Who is the best in the field? What is the reason for the popularity? and a lot of other questions. The changing time, the music is also changing very fast as there has been a trend where people switch their favorite so many times that it is difficult to decide which was the best electronic music of all time. The invention of this form of music was after the use of the drum machine that was used for creating these amazing music beats. There are different genres of music that are still popular even today and the popularity of electronic music is based on different factors which include awesomeness, timelessness, influence, trend-setting, and use of technology.

The best electronic music of all time is

Sasha and John Digweed,

Northern exposure

The music by Sasha and John Digweed are considered as one of the most iconic EDM of all times as these English icons have worked together and also separately for creating world-class music and soul-stirring songs. The song like “ out of body experience and Raincry is an excellent example that tells you the kind of music that was popular at that time and it is a part number that is even relevant in the present times.

Fat boy slim

You’ve come a long way baby- this electronic music was released in the year 1998 and it was successful in taking the dance music to different corners of the pop marketplace of America. This is the reason why this pop singer gained even more popularity with the release of his second album where he becomes the iconic pop star of that time. There are many other songs that contributed to his success and some were the chartbusters of that time which made electronic music the life and soul of any party or get-togethers.

Harder, better, faster, stronger by Daft Punk

If you are looking for the best electronic music of all time, then you can never miss this song that has been prominent in its time. The reason for the popularity of this song is due to its great sounding beats and digitalized vocals that combined together to create a piece of amazing music that left everyone spellbound. This song is a classic that is played in parties, sporting events and has also been remixed many times for creating more masterpieces. This masterpiece by Daft Punk has been successful in revolutionizing the electronic dance music due to its contagious bass line and addictive music beats.

Spectrum by Zedd

It is electronic music that will remind you of best Mozart because it is perfect in every manner and it pays attention to every minute details which has stunning chords that allow listeners to flow with the music. The personal style of the singer is reflected in this song and it is surely amazing electronic music that gives you punches in different shots.

How R&B music has evolved from the 90’s to today?

The R&B is basically known as the Rhythm and Blues. It started in the 1940s. The initial stages were not much popular in that ear but with the passage of the time, several changes in this genre made it become popular all around the world. Several basic and advanced changes were made to this genre at different times but after the 1990s a tsunami of changes appeared and this genre went through several incredible changes in a very short span of time.

The changes that are made to this genre after the 1990s are more than the changes that were made from 1940s to 1990s. This genre is still going through several changes and the new tones and beats are being added to this genre. This journey will keep going and nobody knows where it is going to end. However, in today’s article, we will take a look at the several changes that are made to the R&B after the 1990s.

We will only talk about some brief changes because we can’t cover the details of all changes in a single article. So, here are the changes that are made to R&B music after the 1990s.

The imagination of America’s youth became the most important element of the R&B music in the early 1990s. We can say that it was the time when the R&B music started to become homogenized. The top producers of that era also participated in making it homogenized. This was the era when new artists like Mary J. Blige, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Aaliyah, TLC, R Kelly, and Usher started becoming popular while the old artists started moving away from the list as their music did not get many hits as it used to receive in the past.

In 2004, the R&B music started beating all other genres and it started appearing in the top 10 lists all around the world. This new change was really shocking for most of the artists. 2005 to 2013 was the time when several changes were made to the R&B Instrumentals and this was the time when a wide range of new beats was introduced in the R&B industry. In 2010, most popular rappers Fetty Wap and Drake brought a new change to the R&B music and they played an important role in opening new doors for the genre.

These popular rappers made a lot of effort in mixing up the hip-hop and R&B and finally, they became successful in introducing something really interesting. Now, almost all the youngsters love to listen to the latest form of R&B music. This will music genre will go through several other changes in the future. Click here and see the detailed information about the evolution of R&B music.

Best Heavy Metal Bands of 2017

Abigail Williams

Their album is due out in 2017 and they are receiving criticism from some people but the band is kissing the sky with their awesome albums. In 2015, the Accuser was one of best hits and has set a remarkably promising stage for Abigail Williams.

A Perfect Circle

They have announced the tour dates recently and they are also compiling the new material sooner and people are desperately waiting for the new albums. It is not sure yet that the band will be announcing a full-length release because they don’t talk to the press much.


Their new Album is expected in the mid of 2017 and they have grown as the heavy death metal band. They have secured high rank among the top modern technical bands. The uniqueness of the band is that they drop something new every year and people get crazy about this.


They are one of the favorite bands of last decade. People wait for their new album desperately because the mystery in releases is remarkable. No doubt that they tend to shroud the top musicians.


They are so good at their work that you can’t pass on their performance. People love to document their passion for this band and tons of stuff gets shared on the social media every day.


Satanist is in the top records of heavy metal in last decade and everyone is thrilled to hear how Nergal and the co-boys plan to demolish it in their newest record. This band is going to release the new album at the end of 2017 because they are writing and recording nowadays.

Body Count

“Manslaughter” was the masterstroke of Body Count in 2014 and they are planning to hit with a new ripper in 2017. This is the kind of band the world needs the hard political times. Their fans are anxiously waiting for the new album which is expected at the end of 2017 though they released one in March.

Blood Command

Funeral Beach was one of their best hits and it hooked the people with their band. They are active on social media and their new album is expected sooner as they are promising it in 2017.

What’s the difference between hard rock and heavy metal band?

Hard rock is usually based on blues while the metal has its roots in classical music. It means that if you want to hear the classical music, you can enjoy metal because in metal songs the scales are usually used the same as that of classical music.

So, classical music is kind of the backbone of the metal songs and the progression in the songs is also relatable. In the same way, the template used in hard rock songs is same as used in blues and scales choice is also relatable among these.

The competition is high in metal as compared to hard rock. This competition is based on the skills that metal songs require and due to these skills, the drummers and guitarists also get attracted to metal.

The technical skills of a metal musician are way better than the hard rock musician on average. Hard rock music doesn’t require a high degree of vocal skills and some of the metal singers are also opera trainers.



Metal requires more talent than hard rock. It is due to its complexity and high competition. The amount of struggle may remain the same but the quality of work needed to develop the comparative skills is different.

Hard rock can represent a music culture but metal cannot be the famous music culture. When we turn on the radio, we never listen to any metal song there. Also, if you go to the mall, you don’t hear any metal over there too. The hard rock is more common than metal.

Hard rock is slower as compared to metal and hard rock sounds little happier than metal which feels like more sad and deep.

Hard rock is little less diverse than metal. You will feel a clear difference that in rock music, the musician plays the same template multiple times over and over again, while in metal, the scenario is completely different as it involves unique experiments. Hard rock is usually more fun than the metal and metal includes more serious themes.