With this album they not only made great songs, but an entire package of multi-panel artwork (see above graphic for all the artwork), lyrics, and their own twisted sense of humor. This one should have Peter Steele shaking in his boots. The throne of the Goth-Metal kings is about to be challanged!

Waiting for what seemed like forever for the new Bronx Casket Company (BBC) CD. I was figuring that there would be some let down between the 2 CDs; I was predicting a sophomore slump! Well I guess I forgot to tell DD Verni cause he proved me very wrong. Sweet Home Transylvania picks up where the awesome Debut left off. This CD is just as dark and intelligent as the first one and a tad bit heavier and experimental! Every track is as contagious as Anthrax. (God I’m an ass!) Hell “The Other Me” was and still is my theme song for the last month or so. Songs like “Jesus Doesn’t live here anymore”, “Black Valentine” and “Dead…for the moment” blows anything that Type O Negative has done out of the water, when it comes to creating atmosphere. “The Other Me ” and “BBC/Sweet Home Transylvania” are just incredible. “Killing MaryJane” is heavy as hell and DD’s vocals just add to the novelty. This CD has it all heavy riffing, dark gothic atmosphere without getting boring, and some pretty cool lyrics. Top all that off with DD’s bass, Jack Frost’s guitars and Spy’s killer vocals (he is quickly becoming one of my favorite vocalists) and you cant lose. Want to make sure you get your hard earned moneys worth? Then get this CD you wont regret it!

If you ever hoped that Type O Negative would just break out and be metal, you just discovered your new favorite band. Written by Verni the CD was originally released in Europe by Massacre Records in 1999 (a collectable trifold digipack). Casket keeps a solid rhythm with a signature depth. Verni’s clear groove oriented bass drives the entire disk. Keyboards offer everything from a chiller thriller sound in “Who Lives Forever” to “Change the World’s” dramatic sorrow laden atmosphere. Guitars remain chunky, heavy and when the solo opportunities arrive, rip. Lyrics and melodies express a dark, disturbing and satirical sliver of Verni’s personality that Overkill’s thrash style never could. The Bronx Casket Company just raised the benchmark for doom and goth.

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